Wordia: A Great Site for Teaching Vocabulary

Providing multiple ways of learning information is one of the challenges of Universal Design for Learning. With UDL's focus on providing "Multiple Means of Representation," "Multiple Means of Action and Expression," and "Multiple Means of Engagement," it can be tough to find technology that enhances the use of vocabulary.

I came across an excellent site designed to provide multiple means of representation and expression, while teaching vocabulary. It's called Wordia. So you may be asking yourself, what makes this site so different?

Well, for starters, this site provides video clips that accompany text definitions of the word. The videos are user-submitted professionally done pieces, which illustrate the word, its meaning, and its use. Students need to have multiple means of representation to understand a concept and this may help students learn important concepts.

Although not as detailed as sites like VisuWords, the site is an excellent addition to any classroom.

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