TitanPad Collaboration Tool

Need a collaboration where students can work together on a word-like document without a sign in? Many choose to turn to Google Docs, but let me show you another alternative.

TitanPad is a free online collaboration tool, where students can collaborate on a word-like document and share information in real-time. Each author is assigned a different color, which makes tracking easy. You don't need a sign-in to create your own "public pad." Instead, you just need to share a link (just like Google Docs) with your collaborators.

One of the biggest disadvantages of TitanPad is the fact that it doesn't have all of the bells and whistles of Google Docs and Word. If you are just using this as a collaboration tool, it will probably not matter much! In fact, you can export your file into Word, PDF, HTML, and Plain Text formats.

You can even upload your own documents to modify in TitanPad. One of the coolest features of the website is the TimeSlider, which allows you to see each change that was made. You can click on the play button that appears in the TimeSlider and see what was done and how it was done. What an excellent tool to track student progress and whether or not students were on track!

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