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Can you believe that there are topics, which seem boring to our students? :) I know that I'm being sarcastic, but there are topics that students need a little extra push.

When I was in school, I lacked the desire to want to learn about the US Constitution (sorry history teachers!). That is why it is so important to provide students with different ways to motivate and engage them to push through material that may not interest them.

The Law of the Land is an interactive site from Weekly Reader, devoted to teaching students the US Constitution. Take a stroll through the site and you will be amazed!

  • The Framers Section provides students a monologue from each of the most important architects of our constitution.This section is provides flexibility for students to learn, where students can listen or read the text of a historical figure's monologue.
  • The Timeline is an interactive timeline, where students control "Paul Revere" as he travels down the timeline. Students can listen or read about historical events. There is also an interactive quiz that students can complete about Paul Revere.
  • The Constitution section provides an interactive section teaching students about the actual US Constitution. There is also an interactive quiz for students to complete.
  • The Bill of Rights section provides an interactive section explaining what the Bill of Rights and its importance. There is an interactive quiz for students to complete.
  • The Constitutional Challenge section is probably the most impressive section on the whole website. Students can complete an interactive trivia Jeopardy game with a colonist as your "Alex Trebek."
I highly recommend using this site in elementary and middle school. It may not motivate high school seniors, but it could be used to teach lower level government classes. Just keep in mind, when students can interact with material in different ways, it does increase their level of motivation. Give it a try!

SPECIAL NOTE: You do have to be a subscriber to get this game. Click here for info.


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