Mother Nature's Contribution to UDL

Environmental responsibility is becoming a part of our culture more and more each day. Everywhere you turn someone is "going green!" Schools, businesses, and consumers are playing there part!

The Mother Nature Network (MNN) is a site devoted to exploring environmental issues from many different perspectives. Naturally if you are a Science teacher, you would benefit from this site. If you teach in another subject area, you may be tempted to turn away and ignore this post. However, there are some great resources for all subject areas, which would encourage inquiry-based thinking from all of your students.
  • The Earth Matters section contains all of your Science-friendly information about energy, animals, etc. History teachers have a section on Politics!
  • The Health section could benefit Health / Phys. Ed teachers with discussion topics like fitness / well-being.
  • The Lifestyle section could easily be used by Art teachers, who want to discuss art / culture and even fashion.
  • The Green Tech section could easily be used by Computer Application teachers, who want to share "green" technologies with their students.
  • The Eco-Biz & Money section could be used for Business and Economic teachers. Even Personal Finance is covered in this section!
  • Food and Drink could enhance any Home Economics class!
  • Your Home could enhance any Agriculture, Personal Finance or Tech Ed course!

There are so many useful resources and articles on this site. As our society changes and our students grow more passionate about "going green," this site could provide different ways of representing concepts and tapping into your student's interests.


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