The Need for Flexible Materials through Lifty

When you are universally designing lessons for your classrooms, we need to take into consideration the flexibility of the materials that we offer students. Take for instance a traditional reading assignment.

Many students are comfortable with a traditional photocopy, which they can highlight and "mark-up" the text. However, photocopies offer limitations. For instance, students with visual impairments may have difficulty reading from the same photocopy as a student without these difficulties. Students who need the extra support of listening to text, do not have the flexibility of copying and pasting the text into a program like Voki.

When you are designing lessons for ALL students to learn, you need to consider the flexibility of materials. Can you access materials online for students who need extra support and resources? Can you manipulate the text for students with visual impairments? Can you access a digital copy for students to access at home? These are all questions you should consider.

If your course requires traditional reading assignments from classic texts, you may want to take a look at Lifty, an online library of free eBooks. Litfy was offers several different categories of text: classics, romance, crime, and literary fiction. There are literally thousands of different titles that you can check out. It may give you the flexibility and availability that your students need.


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