Excellent Guide to Digital Learning

We are bombarded with digital learning each day that we walk into our classrooms. Think about how school was when you were is school. Having a computer was probably a privilege and having the Internet meant your district was rich! But now the field is changing. 
After reading Thomas Friedman's The World is Flat, I can most understandably understand why. Technology and the ability to connect to the Internet are becoming cheaper and cheaper each day. 

With the decrease in price, comes a simple (sorry for using an Economics term) increase in demand for use. iPads, Moodle, Edmodo, Schoology, Flip Cams, iMovie, iPod, iPhone, Aps, YouTube, Google Docs....ugh! This list goes on and on.

Here is an excellent resource to keep it all straight and help you better understand the technologies that our digital natives are using! It's the 60-Second Guide to Digital Classrooms found on Edudemic's website.

 It is a great tool to help you keep things straight! You also have easy access to download this picture in PDF format. Even if you don't use this for yourself, it may be a valuable professional development topic. 

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