Failing the Social Media Test? Need a Cheat Sheet?

Social media is everywhere isn't it? For many of us, it is a little intimidating to see all of these social networks all around us. What's the difference between Facebook and Google+? Is a hash tag an illegal substance? Why would anyone want to Tweet? 

For our students, these terms and concepts are as common as the Dewey Decimal System and PB&J were to us, while we were in school! Many teachers are using social media in their classrooms to help students learn. Brain research has shown that when kids are engaged with something that interests them, they express considerable effort and attention to learning. Social media is way that gives students a chance to express themselves. 

The fact is, social media is here to stay and is connecting people worldwide. You are reading this blog, right? Well, then you are connected with a group of people who are interested in educating kids. But how do you keep on top of things? I mean...the world of social media is constantly changing. How do you keep up with the lingo? The symbols? The purpose?

The Search Engine Journal recently ran a post (January 31) on a Social Media Cheat Sheet designed by Flowtown. Although directed to small businesses, it can help us as teachers. Each of the major social media platforms are listed with brief definitions, pro's and con's. Confused on how to begin using Facebook or Twitter? A brief description is listed, as well as key "lingo" you may need to know.  I really enjoyed looking at the info-graphic on the number of people who use each social network. What a great discussion tool for your students! 

You may also want to check out these resources:

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