An Interactive Way of Learning Math Times Tables

In order to make connections with materials, our students often need different ways to express how they learn and understand information. Learn Your Tables International is a very unique site that helps students learn their times tables in an interactive way. Simply choose the language of your choice and begin.

An automated sequence of times tables will appear on your screen. Need to review your 10's, 7's, or 3's? The website will automatically go through different times tables to help you review. It also provides you with an interactive way of learning a single table (10's) or random tables.

There are a couple different modes to quiz your students:

1. Drag Mode - allows you to drag and drop a problem with an answer

2. Answer Mode - gives you a problem and you have to type in your answer into a calculator

3. Quiz Mode - gives you a timed quiz to check your knowledge of math problems

Whether you have a Smartboard or not, this is a great way to have students interact with their multiplication tables!


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