Supporting Students with a Readability Search Engine

Part of creating expert learners involves providing supports that help students learn material. With the proper supports in place, students can better understand material and comprehend its meaning. Just this morning, I was reading something about the importance of vocabulary and how it unlocks learning. Without a proper understanding of vocabulary, our students can be lost!

Readability is an important piece of understanding vocabulary, content, and material. In the past, I have told you about the Google Advanced Search feature, which allows you to search according to readability level. Here is another resource for you called Twurdy, which is short for "Too Wurdy (or wordy)."

I was introduced to this search engine this morning and really enjoy its features. Simply type in a term and it will generate a list of different options for you. The list is color coded according to its readability level (easy to hard). Each item has a number that is generated to show its readability level. There is also a feature that allows you to show approximate ages that the articles are intended for.

I really like this search engine because it is simple to use and the color-coding allows students to understand which material is the most appropriate for their reading level. Give Twurdy a try today!

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