Take a Math Jog this Summer

On my way to work this morning, I encountered about a dozen people going for a morning jog. What a great morning to do so! 

Our students need to workout over the summer too. Way too often they are sitting in front of a TV playing video games or staring at their cell phone texting for hours on end. How do we keep their brains in shape? Maybe their brains need to take a run...Math Run that is.

Math run is a game, where you solve basic mathematics facts by stating whether they are wrong or right. It's quite challenging way of solving math problems. First you have to figure out the answer and then choose whether the given answer is wrong or right.

There is another version out called Math Sprint, which is much more challenging. You have to solve 20 random math facts as fast as you can. The concept is still the same...choose whether the answer is right or wrong; however, you have a variety of math problems to solve. 

What about you? Do you have any other educational games that you would recommend? 

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