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As the landscape of education is shifting, we need to keep up to date with resources which will help us make the necessary changes in our classrooms. With most states shifting to the Common Core Standards, many teachers are left scrambling for resources, ideas, and implementation strategies. Many organizations are offering webinars, workshops, etc. to help ease the transition for teachers.

A good friend / administrator of mine, shared this excellent Common Core resource from America Achieves  If you don't know much about the AA, they are an organization that helps shape educational policies and provides educators with quality educational resources to meet today's toughest challenges.

America Achieves Common Core website is a work in progress, which is starting to become populated with valuable tools for educators to use when implementing the Common Core. The site is starting to accumulate a library of rubrics, lesson plans, and instructional videos by educators in the field. I really like the fact that most of the resources are developed by teachers for teachers. There is an EQuiP section of the website that focuses on Math and Literacy, where you can download, edit, and use many of the resources to fit your situation.

As with any change, there is a certain level of uncertainty and fear. This site does a great job providing resources to ease the mind of any educator. For example, the site contains a series of "Shift" videos, where teachers explain how the Common Core is impacting the way they teach and how students are learning.  It also is working to provide real-life teaching examples from classrooms across the country. During the fall of 2012, the site states that it will be gathering 'one Math and ELA video per grade level.

We are most certainly "creatures of habit." However, as the landscape of education is changing, we must shift our thinking as well. Tools like America Achieves may be a great way to ease the transition.

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