Surprising Trends in the World of Education

A few weeks ago, I read that schools were buying more iPads than PC's. Apple has always had a position in the educational realm, but why? After viewing this infographic (shared with me by one of my regular subscribers. Thank you Tess!), I began to realize that this trend stems way beyond a school's technology budget. Apple's influence is becoming a social trend. 

According to research from the Pearson Foundation, 55% of schools are allowing students to bring in their own devices to school. You hear about more and more schools going to a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) model, but does this work in education? I worry about kids who come from poverty, who actually do not have a cell phone. They do still exist.

The attitudes of our students are shifting too. According the Pearson Foundation, 87% of high school students believe that tablets, like the iPad, have an educational purpose. Perhaps this is why more schools are turning to Apps and the iTunes store to purchase their instructional tools. These students are not turning to Apple when buying their laptops. Only 14% of them do. 

Apple isn't the only company impacted by this trend. According to this infographic, there are almost 4,000 Android devices available to consumers in the market. The trend seems to be mobile learning. Take a look at this graphic and you may be surprised by the trends that you see! 

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