Edutopia's Parent's Guide to 21st-Century Learning

If you are a parent in the 21st Century, its hard enough to keep up with our kids, let alone the latest technology developments! I won't even ask about being a teacher and a parent!  :)

Understanding how our kids are using technology is one piece of the puzzle. Having a conversation or creating a memorable technology experience with our kids is the next step. We often complain that technology always changes and we can't keep up, but there are many organizations that are doing the work for us. 

A great resource developed by Edutopia may help you  (as a teacher and a parent) keep track of both the latest trends in technology and how to become part of your child's learning experience. The George Lucas Foundation developed a site called Edutopia, which is an excellent resource itself. However, just recently the organization developed a free PDF called A Parent's Guide to 21st-Century Learning

Inside you will find resources K-12 on using Skype in the classroom, 21st century skills, digital citizenship, and even financial literacy! What makes this publication different from most, is that it offers tips for getting involved! 

The PDF contains an article on Digital Citizenship for Teenagers, a hot-button topic for many families and schools across the country.  I particularly enjoyed the article on Skype in the classroom, which encouraged parents to get involved with their child's class by Skyping into the classroom on a business trip. 

Even if you cannot use some of the technologies in the classroom, this is a must share with parents. We complain about parents not being involved, but in many cases, they want to be involved but just don't know how. Why not use the flexibility and power of technology to do so? 



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