Flip Through Virtual Pages with These Tools

I love the sound of the crisp pages of a book flipping. In fact, it's what caused me to hold off reading eBooks. I finally succumbed to the convenience and flexibility of my iPad and the iTunes store; however, a part of me wants to still feel the nostalgia of flipping pages. I came across a site called FlipSnack that converts PDF files into a "flipping book."

First, upload a PDF file or a URL to FlipSnack. You could take a workbook, article, or set of directions and convert them into a book! Next, you can customize your book in many different ways. Do you want to change the background color, size, or even allow your PDF to be downloaded? Finally, it's time to publish and share with others. In the free version, you can share your book via URL, Facebook, Twitter, or email. In the Premium version, you can embed or download the document.

After doing some research on similar tools, I found another site called Issuu that does the same thing; however, it gives you the opportunity to convert PDF files into magazines! How great is that? I can just imagine some of you using this for class projects or sharing newsletters with parents!

Try it out and let me know if you like it! What will you use it for?

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