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PETE&C has not been a disappointment this year. We have had several experts presenting on a variety of different topics. Here are some of the cool technologies that some of the experts have discussed.

  • - is a great alternative to Pintrest because it is geared toward education. Many teachers love Pintrest, but have found that it can contain some non-educational distractions. is a great free alternative to use. 
  • Jogtheweb -is a web tool where you can create a "synchronous guide to a series of web sites." It has a unique approach of taking users through websites, allowing the author to "annotate and ask guiding questions."  It is very similar to webquests. 
  • Nearpod - is a unique way to create interactive presentations. As a teacher, you create a presentation and use the Nearpod App to share it with students. Students can interact with your presentation and submit responses via a mobile device like an iPod, iPad, or iPhone. Nearpod gives you real-time feedback from students, which essentially guide instruction and discussion. 
  • - want to schedule tweets or posts? allows users to schedule postings or tweets with a click of a mouse. Not only does it schedule posts and tweets, it also provides statistics and up-to-date information to see who is seeing and not seeing your content. Check out some other things it can do here

Unfortunately, this was only a small portion of the great information shared by presenters! On a personal note, I was very impressed with the caliber of presenters this year @ PETE&C. Great job presenters and organizers!

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