Make Math Fun With Math Games

It's tough to motivate students at times, but motivating Math students can be even more difficult. Using games is a great way to motivate students, while teaching them valuable math skills. Here are a few resources to help our Math teachers:

1. Mangahigh is a game-based-learning site that teaches students valuable math skills, while playing games. According to the site each game adapts to the needs of students in order to appropriately challenge students according to their needs. The site contains a variety of Math games for students in elementary to high school. Although there is a paid version of the site, it contains a free version that can help students learn.

2. CarrotSticks is an online multi-player gaming site for Math students in grades 1 - 5, where students can compete against others or play an individual game. The free version gives students the opportunities to practice basic math skills, while the paid version does have some more advanced features. CarrotSticks is very unique because it combines social learning with a structured step-by-step approach.

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