A Way for Historical Figures to Text Each Other? Try SMS Generator!

So what would Abraham Lincoln text John Wilkes Booth? How about George Washington and Benedict Arnold? What would Neil Armstrong text JFK? You may be scratching your head and thinking...Matt has really gone off his rocker! :)

I want to introduce you to a tool from ClassTools.net called the SMS Generator. It is a creative way of having a conversation between two historical figures or even characters from a book! When you create your own SMS conversation, you can save it using a unique URL. To make it even more secure, you can give it a password, to make sure no one makes any unwanted changes.

When you are finished, you have several options to share your conversation. You can embed your conversation on a website, share the URL, generate a QR Code, or even save a web shortcut to your desktop!

This is a really creative way to help your students "think outside of the box." Not only is it another way to engage students, but you are giving students a chance to express their thoughts, using an everyday tool in their lives. Want to see my text conversation between Neil Armstrong and JFK? Check it out!

Want to learn how to use it? Check out What to Do in Just a Few:


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