Bloxp Tells the Story of Your Favorite Blog on Your Favorite eReader

Very few people know the story of how I started this blog several years ago. In 2010, I found myself out of a job, due to budget cuts, and was lucky enough to find a job at The Milton Hershey School in Hershey, PA.   A few months into my job, I was asked to lead a professional development on blogging and wikis. I didn't have a lot of experience with blogs, but I figured I would give it a try.

After the professional development session, I was inspired to start my own blog, which you are reading today. Initially it was set up to help teachers at Milton Hershey, but as you know, it has quickly spread! Thank you!

Why am I telling you my story? I found a unique website called Bloxp, which allows you to take a blog and turn it into a downloadable file to be read on your eBook. I tried it out and it was very easy.

1. Copy and paste the URL of the blog
2. Click Start and your blog will begin to compile a list of posts.
3. You will see a listing of all blog posts. Choose which ones you want to keep or not keep.
4. Download as an eBook, Kindle File, or email your results.

This is a really unique way of capturing information from your favorite blogs. I had the opportunity to download my blog and found it really interesting to see the progression of a teacher who knew barely anything about blogging to a teacher who is very passionate about helping others through social media.


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