Put Down the Tape and Staplers and Try Smore

When you were young, did you ever post "missing pet" on every telephone pole that you could find? Or did you ever post "Vote for Class President" on every wall that you could find? How about putting fundraiser flyers on every car in the parking lot? What if I told you that those days may be over?

With advances in technology, there are plenty of sites that will allow you to create virtual or electronic flyers for your events. One that I came across recently is called Smore.

Smore is a free site that you can use to design stunning electronic flyers that can been seen on a PC, Smart Phone, or Tablet. You can embed video files, Tweets, and product reviews by effortlessly editing your flyer by dragging and dropping. When you are ready to share, you can do so via email, social media, or a link.

I really like the user-friendly analytics section, which keeps track of who is seeing your flyer on Facebook, Twitter, websites, or searches. Have a school event coming up or just want to create a cool page for an upcoming event? This may be a good solution.

Not sure if this is for you or need some inspiration? Then you might want to check out sample flyers that already exist.

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