Creative Ways to Use #Wikis: Word Wall Wikis (Part 2)

Marzano has stated that students need to have "6 meaningful interactions" with vocabulary terms to completely understand the term. How do we use wikis to do this? Wikis are still being used in education today to help build vocabulary skills! Let's continue our series "Creative Ways to Use #Wikis" with an emphasis on vocabulary.

Word Wall Wikis

One teacher I know is an elective teacher, who teaches a new SAT or technical word a week. Over the course of the year, students accumulate a glossary of terms that they use in class discussions, assessments, and writing assignments. In the past, this teacher has developed a "Word Wall" for students to see the terms; however, students are not able to access the wall at home, which is a major limitation. 

To counter this challenge, he created a "Word Wall Wiki," where he provides the terms, definitions, pictures, and links to the word in use. As he teaches a word, he has a student add the word to the wiki. Throughout the course of the week, members of the wiki add resources to help understand the word and its context. The best part is that students have the "Word Wall" at their fingertips, while they are completing assignments outside of the classroom. What a great idea!

Check out more ideas next time, when I talk about more creative ways to use Wikis!

Are you interested in learning more? 

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