Web Tools to Help You Manage Your Classroom: #Edmodo is More Than a Social Tool (Part 2)

Many of us are using Edmodo to make a social learning environment, a paperless classroom, or a creative way to assess students. Did you know that Edmodo is more than a social tool? It can help our students stay organized in a variety of ways. Here are a few tools to help your students: 

Planner Tool:

We may require our students to write down assignments in an agenda book, but it often gets misplaced, left in a locker, or is left blank. How can we hold our students accountable for assignments without pulling our hair out? 

Students can use the Edmodo Planner to access a weekly or monthly calendar of assignments that are due. Students can check out all of their classes at once or use a filter to focus on a specific class. This is very helpful for your forgetful students because it can help them stay organized, access class materials, and parents can access this calendar with a parent login. 

Alert Features: 

Every student in your classroom has a computer in their pocket, why not have them use it? Students can use the Alert Features to receive emails or text message updates when assignments are posted and due. 

Some of most unmotivated students are motivated by this simple feature. They think it is pretty cool and this makes it a great tool to use! 

Notes Feature: 

I use the Notes feature in Edmodo as an alternative to a chalkboard when I communicate class instructions, the essential question for the day, or just want to share resources. I do this because students may not be in class that day or they may have forgotten to copy the information down. 

Plus it is easy to do and keeps me organized! I simply put the information on Edmodo and turn on my projector. The best part is that students can access the information from their laptop or mobile device outside of class.

My students often reply to the instructions with questions, which can be answered by myself or another member of a class. This has really cut down on the repeating that I have had to do in class! In a way, it has become a simple way to answer FAQ's. 

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