Don't Be a One and Done: iBrainstorm + Edmodo = Meaningful Action and Expression (Part 1)

Are you a “One and Done” type of teacher? Do you find yourself using one App per lesson, when your students are thirsting for more! Many of us implement iPads this way; however there are creatively simple ways to use multiple apps in a lesson. What if we were to create opportunities for students to analyze, understand, apply, evaluate, collaborate, and create meaningful learning experiences in one class period? Over the next few posts, I would like to share with you some iPad recipes to reach all students. 
Beginning of Class

As my students came into class the other day, I had them grab an iPad and a partner. I posted a question to the class and had students use iBrainstorm, a free brainstorming app, to brainstorm a list of 2 - 3 they knew about a particular topic. Students used iBrainstorm to create a board filled with electronic post-it notes.

Mill and Fill

As students finished the assignment, I had them "mill" around the room and find other groups who had different answers. Their job was to "fill" their board with 8 total answers from different groups in the room. When students were finished, they returned to their seats and we discussed their answers.

Edmodo to the Rescue! 

After we had finished our discussion, I shared an article / slideshow with students in my class. Each student was to research a particular section of the article and report their findings on the Edmodo App on their iPad. Students created a "Cliffnotes" summary of their section (in about 2 - 3 sentences). As students finished, we discussed their answers as a class. 

The Perfect Ending

When students were finished, they used iBrainstorm to compile a list of information to answer the essential question of the day. Many shared what they had learned from their classmates. Others shared what they had learned from their research. Others shared what they learned from the classroom discussion. 

They took a picture on their iPad and posted it to Edmodo for their entire class to see! How long and what did this lesson take?  40 minutes, 2 free apps, and a fun discussion! 


3 year-old Ayden is your typical energetic little boy, who loves Spiderman, Power Rangers, and trains. He was recently diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, a rare childhood cancer that commonly forms in infants and young children. 

Each time that you visit my blog during the month of November, I will make a donation to Prayers for Ayden of one cent per click. 

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