Eliminating the Communication Barrier with Parents: Class Dojo Messaging

I have been a big fan of Class Dojo for some time now because of its easy to use behavior management system, which makes it easy to communicate student behavior to parents and administrators. I love the fact that you can use it across multiple platforms.

Class Dojo just announced a new feature called ClassDojo Messaging, which enables  teachers  and  parents  to  easily  communicate two different ways:

  • Teachers can send parents private, “Direct Messages," updating them on their child's progress!
  • Teachers can send an entire group of parents a “Broadcast”  message to communicate class events!

One of the most frustrating parts of being a teacher is reaching parents! We often play phone tag and leave messages that are never returned. We send out email messages and find out that we had the wrong email address. We send notes home and they never get returned.

This new Class Dojo feature makes communication between parents and teachers easier and effortless, while eliminating the need to share personal contact information like cell phone numbers. Have you ever wondered if a parent got your message? Class Dojo Messaging even provides read receipts!

To learn more, check out: www.classdojo.com/messaging

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