Quiz Socket: An Elementary and Secondary Friendly Real-Time Quiz Tool

Are you stretched for time and want a way to informally assess students without the hassle? Are you looking for simple ways to gather feedback from your students? Are you an elementary school teacher who would love to use technology, but find NearPod and Socrative too complicated for your students?

Quiz Socket creates real-time multiple choice quizzes that can be used across multiple devices. It's free and easy to use.  Best of all, there is no username or password to enter or remember.

How Can I Use It? 

  • Simply visit www.quizsocket.com and choose Create Quiz
  • You will be taken to a dashboard-like screen. Near the bottom of the screen you will see a Quiz ID. Give students this code so that they can join your quiz. 
  • Click Create a New Question to create your first multiple choice question (the only option at this time). Students will only see multiple choice letters A through D on their screen, so you will have to choose the way you will share the question and possible answers with students. Some teachers choose to say answers verbally or share questions on a PowerPoint slide. 
  • As soon as students answer, Quiz Socket will generate real-time results, which only the teacher can see. When you are ready to move on to the next question, choose Create a New Question. 
  • What if you want to refer back to previous questions? You will still be able to revisit the data for each question on the dashboard on your screen. 

Why Not? 

If you have never assessed students like this before, this may be the perfect tool to start. It only provides students with multiple choice options at this time; therefore, it will not be too complicated for the non-tech savvy teacher to use. Even in its simplicity, this tool is very engaging!

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