Sharing the Web Through Stich.It: Going at Your Own Pace (Part 2)

It is important to give students opportunities to learn at their own pace, due to the fact that all students learn differently. The other day in class, I had my students analyze the power of advertising on intended audiences. I decided to "stich" together several commercials from YouTube, which my students would watch in succession, as they analyzed the commercials. It gave students the chance to watch a commercial several times if they needed to.

My students loved this because they were in control of their learning! This is very important when you are trying to motivate seniors, who already have their college acceptance letters! It is also perfect for middle and elementary school classrooms. makes the perfect tool to "stich" together different websites, video clips, and pictures about a particular topic, so that students can learn at their own pace. Instead of having students navigate through hyperlink after hyperlink, there is only one URL to share. It is like being able to develop your own self-paced online course without the Learning Management System component.

Many elementary school teachers tell me that they would love to have their students use technology more often; however, it takes so much time! reduces the amount of time students need to spend trying to access websites. Once you have accessed your URL, you just have to click Previous or Next!

Check out this sample Stich.It for an idea of how it works! 

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