Your Ideas and Comments from #ChatterPix

My previous post focused on how you could use ChatterPix to make your photos talk. After my post, I received so many great ideas and feedback that I wanted to share it with you.

Here are some of your ideas:

1. Using ChatterPix in the Math Classroom

Lee asked: hmmmm, I wonder how I could use this in math? and we received an excellent reply from Heather: Not sure what grade level you work with but here is an example (see below) of my second graders writing a math story problem and explaining it using Chatter pix.

I loved this idea and how creative the kids were! I am a secondary teacher, so I often find myself thinking in a box. This was a very creative idea!

2. Tellagami

Kaitlin said:  Love ChatterPix in the classroom! Tellagami is another great one (free app) to check out too :)

I agree! I absolutely love Tellagami too! Imagine that there are five minutes to go in class and you want a quick way to measure what students have learned today. Why not turn to Tellegami? I had my students utilize this mobile app to come up with an animated message (called a Gami) to define the topic (or vocabulary word) of the day word.

As soon as my students used the app, you could see the engagement level increasing. It was a fun and challenging way to get students to demonstrate their understanding because they had to either record or type a 30 second response. As soon as students finished, they were able to send me their Gami by uploading it from their camera roll.

3. YaKiT

Jake said: YakIt is sweet, because you can have dialogue between 2 characters or objects.

I must admit that I had never heard of YaKiT before, so I did some searching! Thank you Jake for introducing it to me! As it mentions in the iTunes store, this app will "make any photo talk." You can easily create photos that talk in as little as a minute.

How does it work?

1. You can begin by taking your own photo, accessing a photo from your camera roll, or grabbing a picture from the Internet.

2. Next, you can edit your picture by zooming and cropping.

3. Now it is time to customize your picture! You can customize your own customized movable mouth or select from a library of mouths, eyes, lips, noses, and even beards!   You can add characters to your picture like President Obama or zombies,  props like halos and hearts, or special effects like rain clouds and sunshine.

4. Then it is time to record your voice. You can customize the sound of the voice by increasing or decreasing pitch.

5. Finally, it is time to share. You can share your YaKiT via social media or your camera roll.

To show you how easy it is, I compiled a really quick video of my son!


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