#140 Words or Less: Get Organized with Wunderlist

For this series, I want to concentrate on iPad Apps that will make your life easier and more organized in 140 words or less – of course!

Do you keep organized with lists? Then Wunderlist might be a great option. This web-based program and mobile App gives you options to stay organized, collaborate with others, and set due dates.

Easily enter tasks into Wunderlist, set due dates, create subtasks, add notes, and attach documents or pictures.

Stay organized by organizing your tasks into your own customized lists. For example, I often create lists for blog topics, books to read, school, grad school, and home.  The best part is that you can drag and drop your tasks into whichever list you choose.

Use the filtering features to see today’s tasks, this week’s task, or all of your tasks from all of your lists.

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