Five Google Search Tips to Make Your Life Easier

When was the last time that you had students use a paper dictionary or encyclopedia? Where do students typically turn when they can't find an answer? Google. Here are a few tips to make your life (and your student's lives) easier:

Tip 1: Quickly Define a Word
Do you ever need to define a word quickly? Where do you go? Next time this happens to you, type "define" and then your word. Google will quickly come up with a definition.

Tip 2: Search by Document Types
Do you want to find a specific type of file? For example, would you like to see if someone created a PowerPoint on the very topic you will be presenting? There are several ways to do this. One way is to:

1. Go to the Options icon
2. Choose "Advanced Search"
3. Type in keywords
4. Scroll towards the bottom of the search where you see "File Type." Choose the file type of your choice.

Tip 3: Need Help with Conversions?

Need help converting inches to centimeters? US dollars to Japanese Yen? Miles to kilometers? Type in what you want to convert. For example "miles to kilometers" and Google will provide you with a converter.

Tip 4: Readability Level

If you have various reading levels in your classroom, it may be helpful to vary your resources based on readability level. Perform your search.

1. Click Search Tools
2. Click All Results
3. Choose Readability Level

Select the reading level of your choice and Google will filter out the results.
Tip 5: Need a Calculator? 
If you ever need to quickly use a calculator, instead of searching for one, just search for "calculator." Google will provide you with a nifty-looking scientific calculator. 

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