3 Ways to Use Google to Engage Students

This past weekend, I gave a webinar titled 10 Ways to Engage Students Using Google. Research on Universal Design for Learning from CAST has given a recipe for increasing student engagement:

  • Recruit Their Interest
  • Give Them Options for Effort and Persistence
  • Give Them Options for Self-Regulation
I wanted to take a moment to share three tools you can use to engage students using Google: 

# 1: Google Trends

Have you ever asked your students to do research on current events? "I don't know what to find," is the response that I most often got while I was in the classroom. Why not use Google Trends? This free tool gives students real-time information on what topics are trending across the globe. 

#2: Google Hot Trends

If your students are more visually inclined, then Hot Trends provides them with a visual representation of topics in real-time. This is the perfect visual tool to see what is trending.

#3: Google Custom Search Engine

Students often equate research as something tortorous and boring; however, what if you could help students find the resources they need in a more efficient manner? Create your own Google Custom Search Engine as a way to scaffold the research process. 

You choose which sites students can use and best of all...it's powered by Google. This is a great tool to help your students learn how to research before you turn them loose into their own Google Searches.


Want to check out more ideas on how to engage students using Google? Check out my Simple K12 presentation from this past weekend's webinar

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