Less Ibuprofen, More Noise Down!

The first day of school is coming soon to a school near you. We all know what that means! Learning, excitement, and NOISE. Noise isn't such a bad thing, but how can you keep your students at a manageable noise level?

An excellent FREE tool is called the Noise Down App for iOS. This simple to use App helps you manage the noise in your classroom and even your home.

How does it work? 

Use Noise Down to measure the current noise level in decibels and set your maximum decibel limit. As soon as someone goes over the limit, an alarm sounds!

Students (and your own kids) now cannot say that they were not being too loud! The proof is in the App.

Not only will this tool help decrease your Ibuprofen intake, but it will help your students learn how to manage their sound levels inside the classroom. What a great self-regulation tool to have literally in your pocket!

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