7 MORE Inexpensive Ways to Hack Your Way into the School Year

Teachers spend hundreds of dollars out of their own pockets each year because there is not enough money in their budget to provide for student needs. How can serve our students without depleting our entire income for this upcoming school year?

Here are some of your ideas to hack your way into the school year:

# 1 - Make Your Own Scratch-Off Tickets 

Have you ever thought about making your own scratch-off tickets? Students can use scratch-off tickets for reward systems, seating arrangements, and quiz questions. My good friend Bryan Dean makes his own scratch off tickets with a few drops of dishwasher soap for every 1/8 cup of silver acrylic paint. Then apply your scratch-off paint with contact paper to laminate paper or white paper. Once it is dry, your students are ready scratch off.

#2 - What Do Old Detergent Caps and Pencils Have in Common?

Encourage your friends, family, or your student's parents to save their old detergent caps. You can use them as desktop holders for students. Have your students use it to place their pens, pencils, or tablet stylus.

#3 - US Postal Service Boxes
US Postal Service boxes make great assignment bins. Stack them on top of one another, glue them together and use wallpaper or acrylic paint to decorate.

# 4 - No Money for Paint? Make Your Own!
Low on funds and need paint? Why not make your own paint? Just follow this simple recipe:
  • 1 cup of salt
  • 1 cup of flour
  • 1 cup of water
  • Food coloring
After you are finished, place your paint in a condiment bottle.

# 5 - What Do DVD Cases, Plastic Plates, and Shower Tile Have in Common?

Need a low-tech way of increasing student interaction? Use your old DVD cases, plastic plates, or shower tile to create your own dry-erase boards. This inexpensive way of creating dry-erase boards gives each student a way to express their answers.

# 6 - Need a Quick Way to Remember Password?
Have you ever shopped for paint at your local hardware store? Why not use paint sample cards as a color-coded way for students to remember all of those hard to remember usernames and passwords?

# 7 - New Uses for Old Dish Racks

You can buy dish racks at the dollar store or you can convert your old one into storage space. Store books, iPads, and other devices in this common household item. 


Do you have more ideas to "hack" your way into the school year? I would love to hear your ideas! Perhaps it may be featured on my blog.

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