Gamify Assessment with Quizizz

Recently I posted about Quizalize, which has the entertainment factor of Kahoot with the student paced questioning methods of Socrative. Just like Kahoot, it can be accessed on any device via your browser.

 +Kevin O'Donnell recommended that I take a look at Quizizz, which I instantly liked! This is another assessment tool that can be added into your arsenal of assessment tools. 

Quizizz is an awesome way to help enhance learning, while gamifying your classroom. Why do I like it?

  • Although there is a timer function built in, students can still answer questions at their own pace. 
  • You can play live or as a homework session! 
  • You can jumble up the question order, so that students can't cheat! 
  • You can turn a leader board on or off. One of the biggest disadvantages of Kahoot, is that students care more about how quickly they answer questions (and get points). With Quizizz, you can turn this feature off!
  • It is device agnostic and can be used in any environment. 
  • Fun avatars and memes! When users enter the game, they enter their name and have an avatar is pre-assigned to them. Once you answer a question, a fun meme is there to encourage or congratulate you!
  • Data is saved! You can save data, so that you can make decisions and enter it into your grade book. 

Want to learn more about it? Here are some helpful resources. Do you have other assessment tools that you like? I'd love to hear about them! Please send a comment. 

November is Click's for a Cause Month!

For the past three years, November has been "Clicks for a Cause" month. Every time that you visit my blog during the month of November, I will contribute a penny towards the medical fund of a child in need. Here are past beneficiaries of this project. 

Addison Mae Jacobs was born on January 13, 2015, 4 weeks premature. She was born at only 6 lbs 5 oz and 17.5 inches long.  On October 27, 2015, she was diagnosed with Shwachman-Diamond Syndrome (SDS), a devastating disease impacting only one in a million children. SDS is a rare autosomal recessive disorder characterized by exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, bone marrow dysfunction, leukemia predisposition, and skeletal abnormalities.

Addison is currently being seen by nine different medical specialists and her family is coordinating her care between Penn State Hershey Medical Center and Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. There are many expensive surgeries, tests, and medical costs in her future.  Due to the costly nature of her care, travel expenditures and having to take significant amounts of time off work, her family has setup a GoFundMe account for Addison, as well as a support page to show updates and her progress.

How Can I Help?

I will be donating a penny for every visit to this blog during the month of November. Are you willing to help too?
  • Visit this blog, pray, or spread the word about Addison! 
  •  Become a Courageous giver and make a flat donation or match my donation  at the end of the month to Addison’s GoFundMe page


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  2. Never in my teaching career have I head a student scream out for more quizzes (on Quizizz)! I highly recommend this app over Quizalize because I'm afraid negative feelings can result when the latter arbitrarily assign "students" to 2 teams competing against each other.


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