#CoolChromeExtensions: Share and Send Screenshots

Sharing directions can be challenging, especially if you are not an auditory learner. Tools to annotate and share are especially helpful inside and outside of the classroom.

Explain and Share Screenshots is a simple and effective tool to use to annotate and share screenshots of your favorite webpages on your Chrome browser.

The simplicity of this tool is one of its strengths. You can use it to take a screenshot of a selected area, visible part of the screen, or the entire screen.

Once your picture is downloaded, there are many different options and tools to annotate your screenshot.

How Does It Work? 

Prior to using the extension, make sure that you have downloaded it from the Chrome Store. Watch this helpful video on how to use:

How Can I Use It? 

Annotation tools are a great way to give directions, demonstrate understanding, or explain a concept. You could easily use this tool to:

  1. Put together directions for student's to follow
  2. Annotate a website
  3. Find and label objects in photos
  4. Create directions on a Google Map 
  5. Annotate and label an article

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