Nimbus for Screenshots and Screencasts #CoolChromeExtensions

Getting feedback and ideas from others is one of the biggest reasons why I love writing blog posts. I recently shared a blog post about Share and Send Screenshots. After making the post, I received a comment from Kevin, who suggested that I take a look at Nimbus.

Nimbus is an awesome tool to annotate screenshots or create your own screencast! Just like Share and Send Screenshots, this tool is very simple to use; however, it offers more features like:

  • Recording Video
  • Blank Screen
  • Capturing a Fragment 
From an annotation standpoint, I love some of the tools it offers. One of my favorites is the Draw a Note tool. It combines the power of a post-it note with an arrow attached to point to your object. 

After you have created your annotated screenshot or screencast (video), you can easily save and share. You can save to:
  • Nimbus by creating an account
  • Your computer
  • Google Drive
Nimbus also gives you the option to print too! Do you have any other ideas? I would love to feature them in my blog!


  1. So that's what Nimbus is. It keeps popping up on the Chromebooks in my classroom. Have to give it a try and teach my kiddos how to use it. Thanks for sharing!:)

  2. Lisa Mims
    One thing I do love about Nimbus is you can screenshot something on a Chromebook and save it. When you save it as an image on a Chromebook the file appears in the bottom corner above the task tray. It is very easy to drag it into a Google Slide or Google Doc.


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