Create Amazing Picture Collages with Loupe Collage

I know it may sound cliche to say a picture speaks a thousand words, but Loupe Collage actually makes this expression true! This web-based application and Google App literally turns your pictures into a shape (or word) collage.

You choose the pictures, then you choose the shape, image, or word you would like to make a collage. Loupe Collage can access photos from your computer, Facebook, Dropbox, Flickr, Instagram, and even more!

Here are some ideas that you could use Loupe Collage for!

  • Music Classroom - let's say that you are talking about famous composers. Why not have your students locate the pictures of famous composers and put them together in the shape of a musical note? 
  • History / Language Arts - are you talking about biographies on famous historical figures? Why not gather pictures about that person's life and place pictures to form the letters of their last name? 
  • At the beginning of the school year, have students put together a collage in the form of their name. This is a great way to learn names and learn more about your students! Check out the example I posted above. I used pictures from Facebook to compose it! 
You can easily save your photo without an account - if you don't mind a little watermark! 

Have you ever used Loupe Collage? Have you ever used other programs like it? I'd love to hear more!


  1. I've been playing around with this but can't figure out how to download the final collage. When I click Download it gives my a Success notification but I can't find the file anywhere on my computer.

  2. I noticed that too when I first played around with it. After you see that your image has had "success," you will see a Download button. It is on the right-side of your screen. Does that help?

  3. Unfortunately it does not. I see the Download button, click on it, choose low resolution, get the green Success! message but it doesn't seem to be downloading. It is nowhere to be found.

  4. What browser are you using? Sometimes that makes a difference.

  5. I have tried IE and Google Chrome. No luck with either one.


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