Leave Your Popsicles at Home and Try Random Student for Teacher Instead!

Summer is a great time to recalibrate and begin to thinking about tools to make your life easier. Random Student for Teacher is an excellent iOS App that you may want to consider to integrate into your classroom for next year. Why?

The free version of the Random Student for Teacher App will allow you to create 1 class, while the paid version will allow you to create 9.

This is a great tool for you with a way to randomly call on students. You may have Popsicle sticks in your classroom, but this App takes things a step further:

• Import your student rosters from Google Classroom! This is perfect for Google Apps for Education schools!

• Have your device speak the name of the student aloud

• Take attendance so absent students are not called

• Create random groups

I like the fact that you can add your own student photos, but you can also use the photos to quiz yourself on student names. This is an excellent way to quickly learn names!


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