Who Inspired You to Become an Educator? Win a Chance to Earn $2,000

Who Inspired You to Become an Educator? It may be a difficult question to answer at the end of the school year, but our answer often provides us the motivation to continue our educational journey from year to year. I have to be honest, there have been times that I have considered leaving education all together. However, remembering my all time favorite teacher in school, helps me stay positive and hopeful. 

When I was a senior in high school, I entered Mrs. Jerry Guttman's Accounting I class and had no idea how a single class would change the course of my life.  Mrs. "G" inspired me with her outgoing and positive personality. She had a knack in making even the most mundane topics come to life!

Mrs. G was passionate about every aspect of her student's lives and education. It was evident in her daily lessons and interactions. If you were having a bad day, she cared enough to ask. If you were struggling with life, she had the courage to listen and offer advice. She IS the reason why I became a teacher. 

After graduation, we are often left with only the memory of our favorite teacher and the echo of their words. However, even after I graduated from high school, Mrs. G's support was unending. She would offer advice, lesson materials, and alerts to job openings! I am ever so grateful for her impact on my education and career. This all came to light one day, when I sat her in classroom many years later. I had my own students now and needed advice. 

As I was waiting in her classroom for her to return from hall duty, I saw her infamous "wall of fame," containing the Senior pictures of just about every Senior she ever had. I was surprised to locate my picture on her wall, so many years later. Then it hit me. My picture was a reminder of the fact that she never gave up on me or any of her students. That single truth meant more to me than any lesson learned, degree earned, or accomplishment that I will ever receive.

That single truth has inspired me to continue her legacy. One moment. One student. One lesson at a time.

Would you like to celebrate your favorite teacher? 

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