12 Things You May Not Know About Google Photos (and Cheat Sheet)

Google Photos is a popular way of backing up your images and videos; however, it offers many creative solutions as well. Here are 12 things you may not know about Google Photos:
  • Anything uploaded to Google Photos is automatically private as default. Items can be seen by others ONLY when shared. 
  • High Quality photos uploaded via Google Photos have unlimited storage space. 
  • You can search by a person's face, the location of your photos, or even a word - like "skyline."
  • Google Photos is available on multiple devices. Whether you are using the web or your favorite Android or iOS device. 
  • You can set up Automatic Sync (in Settings) on your device to automatically back up your photos to Google Photos. 
  • You can create albums, shared albums, animations, and collages on any device.
  • Google Photos can create movies with music on the mobile version (iOS and Android)
  • Items uploaded via Google Photos DO count against your Google Drive storage quota if they are stored in "Original Quality" or uploaded via Google Drive. 

  • The Assistant Feature is a helpful feature for creating new items. Google Photos even creates and offers suggestions for sample items. 
  • Albums can be shared with anyone. Share via a link or through social media account. Viewers do not need to have a Google account. 
  • You can collaborate with others to create a shared album. This is perfect for field trips, class projects, or showcasing sports team photos. 

    • Need to create a quick slide show? Create an album with your favorite pictures, then choose "Slideshow" in the top right-corner of your screen.

    Want to learn more? Here is a cheat sheet for using Google Photos:

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