3 Easy Steps to Go to Section Upon Answer in Google Forms

There are many great features in Google Forms. Going to a page based on an answer is one of my favorites. This is the perfect way to differentiate assignments, review correct and incorrect answers, and more! How do you use this valuable feature? Let me show you how!

Step 1: Create Your Form

Visit Google Forms and create your first question. In order to go to a page based on an answer, I recommend creating a multiple choice question.

Step 2: Create a New Section 

In order to go to a "page based on answer," you will need to create a "section" to redirect your audience. In this example, I will create one section, which will be used to help my correct my audience and help them understand the correct answer to my question.

How do you do this? Simply use the toolbar on the right-side of your screen and choose "Add Section" (icon with two rectangles).

When you create this new section, you will probably want to name it something that you will remember. It may be helpful to add text, videos, pictures, and / or links to help get your point across.

Step 3: Set-up "Go to Section Upon Answer"

Select your original multiple choice question. In the bottom right-hand corner, you will notice three dots. Click on the three dots and choose "Go to Section Upon Answer."

You will notice that a drop-down box appears next to each multiple choice question. You can select a section where your students will go based upon their answer.


This is the perfect tool for helping students learn from their mistakes, differentiating assignments, etc. You can get very creative with how you use this awesome feature! Need a video tutorial to learn how to do this? Check out my video below:

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