3 Tips to Make Navigation Easy in a Google Doc

Navigating through Google Docs can be easy or a challenge for students and adults alike. Here are three different ways to quickly navigate and access resources in a Google Doc.

1. Use Bookmarks

You can bookmark different parts of your document to hyperlink to. A bookmark is simply a placeholder in a document. You can hyperlink to this placeholder in just a few steps. How does this work?

  • First, create your Bookmark by highlight the text that you want to hyperlink to, choose the Insert Menu, and select Bookmark. A Bookmark icon will appear in the column of your Doc. 

  • Next, think about where you will need to create a hyperlink, which will take you to this bookmark. Simply highlight your text, choose hyperlinks and click on "Bookmarks." 

2. Create a Table of Contents

You can create a Table of Contents in Google Docs to hyperlink to different parts of your document. You need to make sure that the text that you want to appear in your table of contents is in Heading 1, 2, 3, etc. format.

Check out my blog post or video below for more information!

3. Use the Outline Feature

The outline view is a great feature to help anyone navigate your document. It provides you with a panel (in the left-margin of your screen) listing all of the headings appearing in your document. Click on any heading in this panel and you will automatically be hyperlinked to that section in your document. This is a great way to navigate long documents. Only text in the Heading format will appear in your room. How can you turn this feature on? Visit the Tools menu and select Document Outline. 

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