Create Your Own Google Custom Search Engine!

Do you have your students search for information on the Internet? Many educators have their students filter through thousands of resources to find information, yet many students still cite Wikipedia as a primary source.

Creating a Google Custom Search (GCS) engine may be a good strategy to scaffold the research process for students who struggle with finding information. A GCS creates your own Google search engine, searching through only the websites you provide. For instance, if you require students to search through CNN, Fox, and CNBC's website, your search engine will only search through these websites. No Wikipedia!

How do you do this? 

Simply visit Google Custom Search and sign in with your Google account.

Next, click "Add" and begin adding the sites you would like in your search engine.

Then, hit "Create" at the bottom of your page and give your search engine a name!

Finally, get the code to embed on your class website or get the public URL to share the link with your students.


This is the perfect resource for providing students with scaffolding for research. The best part, is that you can continue to add to the search engine throughout the year.

 Happy searching!


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