Develop Executive Functioning Skills with Habitica

Many of our students struggling with executive functioning skills, such as planning, organizing, emotional control, and task management. There are a variety of techniques and tools to help students with this challenge. I was recently made aware of a free iOS and Android App called Habitica, which takes a gamified approach to task management.

Why use Habitica?

Habitica takes a gamified approach, where you build the health of an avatar through your performance. There are several different tasks, which can help you form positive habits. Your habits influence your experience points and health of your avatar.

The App provides a To-Do section, where you can set tasks and due dates. Every time that you complete a task, you are provide experience points, which impact the health of your avatar.

The Dailies section is for time-sensitive tasks, which need to be one on a regular schedule.

The Habits section provides you with tools to build positive habits or improve negative habits. Every time that you do a habit, you can tap a plus sign to award yourself with gold or a minus sign to take it away.

Items to Note

Habitica does require a login, which may pose challenges for students under the age of 13. You can link your Google or Facebook account to it. Habitica is free with limited features, but does offer a paid subscription with more features.

What are your favorite tools for executive functioning? Leave a comment below!


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