Start with a Journey from Recap

Recap is an excellent tool for pre and post-assessments. If you want more information about Recap, please see my blog post.  The Start with a Journey is another great feature for students to use.

What is the Start With a Journey feature? 

The Start With a Journey feature is a pre-made storyline built around a topic of your choice. You can create your own journey or browse journeys made by other educators.

How Do I Use Start With a Journey?

Creating a journey is very easy!

  • First, you will want to login to Recap, create a Queue, and then click on "Start With a Journey." 

  • Next, you will want to choose "Create a Journey"

  • Then, create a guiding question and video introduction for your students. This guiding question can be used to help students understand the purpose for learning the content. 

  • Next, add your step by step instructions. You can add text and links for students to access content. Many teachers use links to share videos, have students take quizzes via Google Forms, or simply read an article. I like the fact that students can check off when they have completed a step. This is a great tool for increasing student accountability. 


There are many reasons why I like this feature. First, if you are not familiar with Journeys, you can access another educator's. It is a great way to learn! Second, I like the fact that students can check off each step that they have completed. This is a great tool for accountability and organization. Finally, this is a great way to provide students with structured online activities. Whether you are in a 1:1 environment, hybrid learning environment, or have students participating in stations, it is a great tool for learning.

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