Checkbox Feature in Google Sheets

G Suite has been coming out with some amazing updates!

Recently, Google Sheets added the ability to add checkboxes to spreadsheets. You could use this feature to create order forms, gather student preferences, etc.

How does it work? 

Simply open up your Google Sheet and visit the Insert Menu and choose Checkbox.

When you are ready to use the checkbox, simply click on the cell containing your checkbox in order to check it!


This provides students with an excellent planning and self-regulation tool. Whether students are planning out a project, creating a flow chart, or developing a process, this could be an extremely helpful feature.


  1. Actually, I don't see the checkbox feature when I open the Insert menu. I tried opening the insert menu with nothing in the sheet selected, with one cell selected, with one row selected and with one column selected.

  2. Are you a G Suite School? It might be an update that needs to be pushed by your admin.

  3. That's probably it. Thanks so much for sharing. :-)


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