Easily Share Open Tabs with OneTab

I'm all about simplicity. Sometimes my keep it simple attitude is tested when I find myself multitasking or sharing multiple resources. I was contacted by someone the other day who wanted me to share several URL's to resources.

I have to admit that I was dragging my feet a little because of the effort that it required. Then I remembered a great Chrome Extension called OneTab, which takes all of my open tabs and makes them into an easy to share webpage.

How Does It Work? 

First, install the OneTab Chrome Extension.

Next, open up all of the tabs that you would like to share. Click on the One Tab Chrome Extension icon to save all of your tabs.

One Tab takes all of your open URL's and saves them. You have a variety of ways to use One Tab.

  • Restore all will open up all of your URL's on your screen. 
  • Delete all will delete your URL's
  • Share as a Webpage will allow you to share all of your links via a webpage or QR Code. This is what I did in the example that I described earlier.  


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