Ramp Up for 2018-19 with Class Dojo's Toolkit

I have to admit that it's been awhile since I have checked out Class Dojo. I recently checked it out again and noticed some teacher-friendly tools that could be very useful for teachers this upcoming school year.

Check out Class Dojo's Toolkit, which contains all sorts of helpful features such as:

  • Timer
  • Group Maker
  • Noise Meter

For instance, have you ever had students that had no idea how loud they were? Class Dojo has a feature called Noise Meter that can help you control the volume level in your classroom. Whether you are using the App or the website, you can use your device's microphone to help monitor your students.

How often do you want students to work on a task for five minutes, which suddenly becomes fifteen minutes? The timer feature is another helpful tool to keep your students and yourself on task.

Want a tool to create random groups? Class Dojo's Group Maker tool makes it easy to create random groups. Simply say how many students you want per group and Class Dojo does the rest!


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