Paper Cubes, FlipGrid and Amazing Discussion!

If you are looking to create an engaging way to facilitate small group discussion, while still keeping students accountable. You might want to consider using Flipgrid, QR Codes, and a paper cube.  Check out my video at the bottom of this post on how to do this!

Step 1: FlipGrid

First, you will want to create a grid in FlipGrid. This is where all of your topics or discussion questions will be housed.

Step 2: Create Your Topics on FlipGrid and Google Drawings Template

Next, you will want to create six different topics in FlipGrid. You may find it helpful to record a video of yourself giving instructions. Once it is published, you will want to copy and paste the QR Code into the following template. I created this template using Google Drawings!

Step 3: Create Your Cube

Then you will want to print out your cube, cut out, and assemble with tape. NOTE: If you want to use a low-tech version of this activity, you can use text boxes to type in questions instead.

Step 4: Discussion Time!

Finally, have your students roll the cubes and scan the QR codes with FlipGrid. When they scan the QR Code, they will see your video and then have the opportunity to respond.

Learn how to do this in the video below:

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