Create Your Own Custom Maps with the Project Feature in Google Earth

Google Earth recently unveiled a really cool feature called Projects! This feature allows you to create your own custom maps and presentations using the power of Google Earth. Users can add placemarks of existing places, create their own placemarks, add lines or drawings on their map.

The best part is that you can add additional text, custom icons, and embed photos or videos. This is the perfect tool for students to:
  • Map out historical places in Social Studies 
  • Create a tour of the Civil Rights Movement and embed historical video clips and descriptions of key places
  • Show the different settings in a book
  • Outline points along the Great Barrier Reef
  • Mark out distances in math class
  • Showcase cultural areas in the foreign language class
  • Create a guided tour of Rome

Because it is powered by Google, students can share their creations with a link, save their maps in Google Drive, and collaborate with other students on their project!

Want to see how it works? Check out my tutorial below:

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