3 Tricks for Inserting Audio Into Google Slides

Everyone is trying to find new ways of presenting information to students in remote settings. Have you considered inserting audio into your Google Slides presentations? Scroll to the very bottom to check out 3 tricks for inserting audio into Google Slides.

But first, check out how to actually record and embed audio. 

How Do You Insert Audio? 

Step 1: You will want to install the Audio Voice Recorder Chrome extension.

Step 2: Launch Audio Voice Recorder to record content for your slide. Remember, you will need to embed an audio file for each slide that you want audio. if you have four slides needing audio, then you will need four different audio records (1 for each slide).

Step 3: Download your audio clip and save it to your Google Drive.

Step 4: Open up Google Slides and insert your audio file.

Here are 3 tricks for inserting Audio into Google Slides:
  • Your slideshow should be in presentation mode for students to listen to it.
  • If you are worried about students not understanding how to put it in presentation mode, consider publishing your presentation. 
  • Have your audio automatically playing when students arrive on the slide. 
Want to see all of this in action? Check out my video below:


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