Google Jamboard

Have you used Google Jamboard? It is a free web application that you can use as an interactive whiteboard. You can access Jamboard through the Apps launcher, visiting, or accessing the iOS or Android App.

With a simplistic interface, Jamboard is easy to use for anyone who would like to try it out! Users have a variety of tools at their disposal, such as:

  • Pen, marker, highlighter tool
  • Eraser
  • Virtual post-it notes (much like Padlet)
  • Upload images
  • Laser pointer

How Can I Use This Tool?

You could easily use this tool live through Google Meet or through a recorded screencast. You can easily share your Jamboard with students, much like a Google Doc or Slideshow, to make it collaborative too. 

Here are some ideas:
  • Solving math problems
  • Marking up text
  • Venn Diagrams
  • Annotating processes
  • Tutoring 

Want to See it in Action? 

Check out my tutorial below: 

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